Using Superstore’s “Click & Collect”-Online Grocery Shopping

For anyone who knows me, I do love a good grocery shopping trip, whether that’s a haul of home goods and toiletries at a mainstream grocery story, or scoring fresh organic produce at the farmer’s market. However, with school deadlines looming, an irresponsible(read: not good adulting) use of my time, and being away from home, […]

Healthy Vegetarian(Easy to Make Vegan!) Couscous Burrito Bowl

After travelling internationally for over 2 weeks I was in serious need of a food reset-as delicious as Australian wine and bubbles are, sometimes one has to be a responsible adult and take care of the physical! This recipe has all the flavours of a Mexican burrito bowl without the heaviness of meat or sour […]


Budget Vegetarian Bolognese with Zucchini “Zoodles”

My, how time flies! I’ve been insanely busy doing wading my way through my Master’s of Education courses, taking on the role of Social Media Coordinator for Carvel Creative, and running running running at work 🙂 then I just got back from a well-earned vacation in Cuba(don’t be hatin’!) Good thing there’s a quick meal […]


Review-Tandoori Palace

This past Valentine’s Day we wanted to desperately avoid overpriced and rushed restaurant seating; plus, with so much socializing, my husband and I just wanted to stay home and chill out with each other, watching movies. We really wanted Indian food(and weirdly enough, the night before we both dreamed of eating Indian food, which was […]